Artaban, The Fourth Magi

Who am I ?
What is my task within the World?
How can I help evolve human consciousness?
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Our name was inspired by Artaban the fourth Wise Magi.

After hearing the story of Artaban I was deeply touched and moved by a being who chose to give unconditional love and hope to those who needed it most.  To me this demonstrates the true meaning of life on earth.  It comes back to these three questions: 

Who am I?
What is my task within the world?
How can I help evolve human consciousness?

For me these gifts are like the gifts that Artaban brought.
Artaban’s gifts were the Ruby the Pearl and the Sapphire.

With this inspiration we developed our Certified Biodynamic Organic solvent free, full spectrum Artaban Hemp Oils and Creams.                           

In loving memory of our dear friend Jose Sisifo Becerra Hernandez, who's passing the threshold inspired me to do this work.

You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Artaban Hemp Oil Logo

Biodynamic preparations

Love light & soil

  Epiphany – Three Kings

Each year on January 6th, we stir and spray the Biodynamic preparation of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh around the farms perimeter. Working with the elementals of the land, protecting and blessing our farm every year. We are thereby able to ensure that all at Artaban and our products, are imbued with lovelightandsoil (wisdom) for the year ahead.

Biodynamic 500

An integral part of what lives behind the health and well-being of our farm and all the Artaban family and products, is the preparation 500 that we stir and spray on the earth as the light of the day fades. Bringing nurturing quiet strength below the earth.

Biodynamic 501

Then working with the rising light of the day, we wake early before dawn and stir and spray the preparation 501 into the ethers. Bringing the crystalline light to the ripening etheric forces. 

Biodynamic Compost

We make our own compost, with the Biodynamic preparations and all the Organic matter from the farm. Preparation, tilling and enriching the farm with our dedication and love.


All who live and grow on our farm, are cared for with the most natural non-invasive medicines. That is why we choose to work with homeopathics, an extension of our Biodynamic preparations.

Earth element

Biodynamic Organic teas

We prepare teas  imbued with the Biodynamic compost preps, as well as other brews. All to help with growth and strengthening properties eg.seaweed, nettle, peppering etc

Continuing to grow

With ongoing love and devotion to our task. We endeavour to look at ourselves. Bringing hope in this ever changing world.