We at Artaban are deeply grateful that our inspiration can help others.

Here are some of the testimonials.

“I’ve struggled with a reoccurring staph infection along with dermatitis on my lips for the past 4 years. In this process I was mostly concerned about the root cause and wanted to treat it accordingly. A lot of my natural remedies kept failing only to bring even harsher circumstances with the infection; I had to keep turning to antibiotics which felt discouraging to say the least. After swimming in a never ending pool of desperate longing I finally came across Darren! The encounter itself relaxed me to my core, a signal of trust and truth rang inside. I bought the hemp body cream along with the renew cream. I applied the renew on my staph infection In the evening , woke up and it was as if my infection was swiped clean, skin cells had already renewed. I usually go through a process of dead skin falling off and cracking whereas this process literally made the infection vanish totally. As for the dermatitis, I haven’t been able to manage it with anything. After applying the hemp cream I saw an instant result, soothed, disinfected and moisturised~ I’m still in a state of shock and don’t fully have the words to express my gratitude. The intention behind Artaban has been an honour and pure blessing to receive! Thank you for your abundant, open heart Darren and team !!”

“Wow! Artaban that’s fantastic….I broke my back L2 and sheered the bone…have two perforated disks, severe sciatica which I have had for approximately 15 years plus mild Spina bifida.
So have had pain all my life…but breaking my back was the worst! I can express enough how fantastic the oil is and how I’ve been able to function….to walk to the letterbox, and now up the street….I could go on and on. My life is worth living and I am grateful for each day! Heart felt Darren!!!💜”

“You’re Artaban products are truely amazing, I haven’t felt better in ages. I want to thank you for your support and all your wonderful products….”

“Hi darren I’m the limping nurse that came to see you Sunday. I’d hug you if you were close! Your’e Artaban products are a Godsend, I can move in bed and not cry with pain. I told you I want a life after nursing and now it seems I can plan a life. I can now take my dogs for a walk, I can even weed my garden. I’ve got a huge pile of mulch that I can now move.. a bit at a time. Lol. I might even try dating! Lol. You’ve given me hope of a happy life when I had accepted a limited life. Thank you. It probably sounds a bit silly to you although as you live with pain I hope you understand what I mean. Best wishes.”

“The Artaban hemp products have been for me a miracle!! Pain levels are the lowest in 25 yrs and off. Daily heavy duty pain relief!! Mobility of joints improved 100%, swelling decreased in arms legs and back and mental clarity back at last!! I’m able to walk around the block where I live not just 2 houses down!!! My world is no longer contracting, and I’ve been given my life back!!! Feeling immediate pain relief!  Am so grateful for the Artaban Hemp Products! Thank you! Tashi Delek!”

“I just wanted to say thank you again – my husband (who gets night terrors and sweats every night), after applying Artaban oil slept like a log last night and had peaceful dreams. I am so impressed already, we’ve spent thousands of dollars on naturopathy, TCM, infrared saunas, blood tests and doctors and nothing has ever worked like this before.”