Hemp is low THC Cannabis Sativa.

Almost every Cannabis strain contains some amount of THC in it. Our Artaban strain is very low in THC, the latest crop being 0.11%. 

Both the Original and Pure Hemp Oils are made of the same high quality, biodynamic Cannabis Sativa/extra virgin olive oil infusion. 

The Original Blue Label includes the addition of 11 extra oils, herbs and minerals that are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

They are both made from our Bio-Dynamic/Organic Hemp being infused over a long period of time into cold-pressed, hand-picked, Extra Virgin, Organic Australian Olive Oil. The barrels sit within a copper pyramid surrounded by large crystals and high frequency stones, and they are stirred every few days. At the end of this process we have our Pure (purple label) Oil. 

To make our Original (blue label) Oil, we then add an amazing mix of potent organic natural herbs, minerals, homeopathics, mushroom extracts and organic raw honey to the ‘Pure’ Oil. These extra ingredients have been known to have powerful anit-infammatory and cancer fighting properties. 

They are similar but also quite different. The Hemp content is almost identical.

We grow Artaban low THC Cannabis Sativa/Hemp on our Australian biodynamic/organic family farm, in the Northern Rivers under our Hemp Licence issued by the DPI.

We use Australian handpicked organic extra virgin cold pressed olive.

We use biodynamic organic ingredients from our family farm and we source the finest quality sustainable organic ingredients locally and world wide.

Store in a cool place away from sunlight for longer lasting quality.

Oils and Creams are best used within 6 months of opening but often last much longer if kept well. 

We express post every day so your parcel should arrive within a day or two. 

Yes our products are available to retail stores for resale. If you are interested in becoming an Artaban stockist please contact us

There is a list of retail stores, stockists and markets on this website where you can purchase Artaban products. 

If for any reason you are not happy with your Artaban product please contact us by email with your order number, reason and request to return the product.

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