What you seek is seeking you.


My life has taken me on many pathways. I had a tendency to live life to the fullest even at the expense of my health and wellbeing.Travelling enabled me to see many different cultural perspectives.Yet what touched me the most was what connected us all, an underlying sense of something deeper.
Meeting my partner and bringing up our young family together has created so much growth between us all, which has given us the greatest gifts in life. Yet we couldn’t have done it alone, many shared in this journey of developing the farm and above all our inner work.
I was deeply touched after hearing the story of Artaban, the Fourth Wise Man. A being who chose to give unconditional love beyond all else, bringing love and hope. It seemed to me that this inspiration is the true meaning behind life on earth.

This work is my love, and everyday I hear more stories of how it helps others, which gives me strength in my heart.
I have always committed myself to grow, nurture and develop the best possible plants for our products. That is why we farm biodynamically and organically, so that every being is given the utmost care and vitality.
Bringing a balance to the three fold plant, roots, stem/leaf,flower/fruit that in turn can help us as human beings bring harmony back into our lives. Our efforts of working consciously together with family, friends, community and nature, brings a holistic understanding to the work. From this we are then able to create a truly full spectrum balanced product, ensuring the health of all beings in the world.

Therefore it comes back to the three questions:

Who are you?

What is your task within the world? And

How can you help evolve human consciousness?

For me these gifts are like the gifts that Artaban brought. His 3 gifts were the ruby the pearl and the sapphire.

Working with hemp is a process that happened very organically. We began to contemplate and be aware of the positives and negatives of what could come with this work. One thing we were conscious of was to produce a product out of hemp, understanding hemp is hope and it can make a huge difference in the world. By maintaining clarity and healing ones whole being physically, soulfully and spiritually.

It will be the younger generation that brings forth the development of building products, fuels, medicines, plastics and renewable energies that hemp can provide. Bringing inspiration for human kind.

This work has developed further for us here on the farm. We produce a range of Sphagnum lotions for the Y-project, it is an initiative that supports the transition of young people into healthy community life. These Sphagnum lotions are made from all natural organic ingredients, preservative free, that can be applied to support and balance the senses and form a daily rhythm for all ages. Helping to minimise the harmful effects of solar rays and electronic forces that we increasingly live with today.

All proceeds go to support the work for Developing the self – Developing the world, a non profit organisation.

You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving.

 Robert Louis Stevenson

In loving memory of our dear friend Jose Sisifo Becerra Hernandez, who’s passing the threshold inspired me to do this work.

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