CBD Hemp Face Serum


We have combined the healing power of Hemp along with the essential oils of other power-herbs including Frankincense, Rosehip and Sea Buckthorn, in the nourishing and easily absorbed base of Jojoba oil.

As well as being a deeply nourishing treat for the skin, it has a fragrance that is gentle yet uplifting. With the help of the sublime Neroli, subtle hints of Rose, plus the faintest whisper of Lemon, our Face Serum has a fresh and gentle aroma that lifts the senses.

With a boost of hydration, less inflammation without the oily feeling of other serums and much more.

Artaban Hemp – Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Profile
Certified Biodynamic Organic
Solvent free
Australian owned carbon neutral family farm
From seed to harvest, manufacture and then onto production
Hand made in small batches
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
Wholesale orders welcome


Our Artaban Hemp Face Serum has been in the dreaming for the longest time. As a family farm it has been important to us to develop products with as little carbon foot print as possible and to maintain a healthy work load. By meeting the most pressing needs of our customers first, with all our certified biodynamic organic full spectrum,  solvent free Hemp Oils and Creams. Now we’ve found a way to compliment and enhance our range with its very own alchemically blended Hemp Face Serum.

Aiding to repair and regenerate ones skin with our High Potency hemp and sea buckthorns form of omega-6 and bioactive compounds. Along with the other ingredients, it is specially supportive for skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and acne. Minimises wrinkles and fine lines and reduces the appearance of scars, blemishes and skin pigmentations, with it collagen producing support. It tones the skin with frankincense and other naturally gentle astringent qualities, helping to improve blood circulation and removal of toxins and thereby improving tone, texture and structure. The anti-inflammatory benefits help boost the skins elasticity and remove toxins, clarifying and promoting a naturally brighter complexion. This deeply nourishing and restorative blend is perfect for all skin types and conditions. Designed to be pleasing for everyones skin care routine. Its carefully subtle blend of beneficial oils adds a calming and relaxing support to your emotional wellbeing.

How to use our Hemp Face Serum.
It can be applied alone, before or after your choice of moisturising cream. It is preferable to use less at night, allowing your skins regeneration and elimination functions to work better.

It is preferable to apply to clean moist skin, with a simple compress explained below.
Place a few drops to your palm then press and roll it onto your skin in a wave like motion, creating a deeply gentle massage. Begin at your forehead, to the centre of your face and outwards, down the neck and decollate. Then leave to allow the oils to be absorbed.

Artaban Hemp Face Serum is moisturising and non-comedogenic, meaning it’s 100% oil based. This enables you to use it after your moisturiser if you choose, as it helps to lock in the added hydration by forming a protective seal over your skin. Otherwise can be used on its own or before moisturisers.
It is wonderfully soothing after shaving and throughout the day.
Because we are family, our Hemp Face Serum benefits the whole family, being both gentle and nourishing.

A little goes a long way, sharing is caring

Compress and hydrate
Half fill your basin with hand hot water. Soak a face cloth or even more special an organic cotton face cloth in the water. Wring out the compress and place over your face and part of your neck. Take a moment to rest, whilst the warmth gently steams your skin. Repeat by soaking and wringing cloth and cleanse again.Your final compress must be a cold compress. This technique activates a minute muscle and as it contracts that removes any remaining dirt.

Cleansing both morning and night is recommended to remove toxins and restore ones own inner wellbeing.

Organic ingredients
Jojoba Oil
Certified Biodynamic Organic full spectrum, solvent free Hemp Oil
Sea Buckthorn

Shake well before use
Drop by drop
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight

Refrigeration not recommended
Patch test before use 24 to 48 hours
If any known allergies to any of these list ingredients, do not use!

Wholesale orders are welcome
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It’s not just a product, it’s a way of life.
We are made of love 

Weight .12 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hawkesbury Herbs
Liquid GOLD

Us girls at Hawkesbury Herbs have given this face serum a run. We've trialled a lot of face stuff, but in all honestly this face serum it far superior to anything we have ever tried. Well done Darren and the Artaban Team!!!

Go Hawkesbury Herbs , you have the full Artaban Hemp Range now , soo Grateful you all are loving it , Cheers Darren & The Artaban Family

Thank Goodness

What a beautiful Serum, thank you! My skin is often a bit dry and loves a good absorbable oil. Many oils have inorganic ingredients I wouldn't want to put on my face, or the fragrance is too intense or floral for my liking.
This Serum is just right. It smells fresh, it's subtle and my skin loves it.

Thanks Pete for the Face Serum review, it is truely a beautiful Product !i put it on every day , Thanks Darren & the Artaban Family

Pollyanna Kingsley
Artaban Hemp Face Serum

Artaban Hemp full spectrum products are made with such integrity. I love that every part of the process is made with the utmost care. The farming methods being organic and also biodynamic, make them a step above all other products. Being kind to the planet and therefore us too. I am so very happy to now have the Face Serum as part of my collection. It's perfect, being subtle yet deeply nourishing.
Thank you Artaban family farm members for your dedication.
I appreciate it so much.

Thanks for the wonderful review Pollyanna, Cheers The Artaban team

Pollyanna Kingsley
Artaban Hemp face serum alchemy

I have wanted the Artaban products to include a face serum for so long. I love the Artaban Hemp face cream and Hemp body cream for my cosmetic range, but have wanted to be able to use a serum that I can use under the creams and at times alone.
It’s definitely the perfect serum for my skin, I highly recommend it to all my family and friends.

Its Devine!!

Face Serum Beauty in a Bottle

2 years in the making , we are so happy to have put together this beautiful Face Serum ! Purity & nourishment at its finest, for all skin types !

Its Devine!!