Hemp Magnif Cream


Hemp Magnif Cream is the highest potency of our Artaban Hemp creams.  Cooling, calming and uplifting … it smells Devine with Australian bush essences.  Giving magnificent across the board symptomatic relief of skin conditions, sun spots, bites from land and marine creatures.
Hemp has been known to assist with relief of inflammation, congestion, circulation and cosmetic benefits. Assisting respiratory complaints, coughs and colds.  Aiding arthritis, bruising and aching muscles and the healing of infection from cuts and wounds, rashes, insect bites and burns.


Full spectrum Cannabinoid Profile
Certified Biodynamic Organic
Solvent Free
Artaban Original Oil plus 10% of our high potency free of charge
Australian owned carbon neutral family farm
From seed to harvest, manufacture and then onto production
Handmade in small batches

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Profile
Certified Biodynamic Organic
Solvent free
Infused in Australian hand-picked organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
Energised in unique Biophotonic Miron Violet glass for enhanced freshness
Australian owned carbon neutral family farm
From seed to harvest, manufacture and then onto production
Hand made in small batches
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
Wholesale orders welcome

Wholesale stockists are welcome

Double strength of :

Artaban’s Certified Biodynamic Organic Full Spectrum, Solvent Free Hemp Oil
10% of our High Potency Oil
Australian organic hand-picked cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Nigella Sativa
Organic Turmeric
Organic black pepper
Sunflower lecithin
Organic Reishi
Organic Maitake
Organic Chaga
Aurum comp
High altitude Frankincense
High altitude Myrhh
Organic Raw Honey
Sphagnum aqua
Shea & Mango Butter
OliveM 1000
Colloidal silver
Plantaserv N (natural preservative)
Australian Essential Oils :
Lemon Myrtle
Eucalyptus Blue Gum

Use within 6 to 12 months
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
Patch test before use 24 to 48 hours
If any known allergies to any of these list ingredients, do not use!

Wholesale stockists are welcome
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It’s not just a product, it”s a way of life.
We are made of love 

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50g, 100g, 2 x 50g, 2 x 100g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elizabeth Latham

I purchased this for my husband who is in a nursing home for a sore leg and I believe he has had some relief
but as yhe non user I cannot make any further comments

Thanks Elizabeth , Thanks magnif cream is incredible

Abbe Holmes
What a relief

I'm on my third tub of the Magnif Cream and the relief it’s brought to my arthritic thumbs and fingers is amazing.
I'd been paying top $ for 6 monthly Plasma Replacement Therapy, which gave relief initially but it always faded.
This cream is great to have when I’m using my hands more, such as gardening.
Working in the garden is one of my many joys, and yes, a hard days digging and carrying takes a toll, but the hemp cream makes a huge difference. I massage it in before and after. Loving it!

Thanks Abbe, Magnif Cream is a world class Product!
Soo Happy to hear your getting such wonderful results!
Share the love , Thanks Darren

Kati Macklin

So glad I stumbled upon this at a local market !! Amazing product that bought relief after years of living with Bursitis in my shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists. 100% recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks Kati , The Magnif Cream is world class ,Double Strength , Certified Bio-Dynamic /Organic Artaban Hemp Cream

Anita L

Amazing product.

The Magnif Cream is the best hemp cream on the market!!We Love it!!

Local Botanicals Hemp Oils and Creams Peter Delaney
Magnif, the magnificent cream.

The Magnif cream is so fantastic in assisting pain associated with my nerve damage and sciatica Dow my right arse cheek. Fantastic product, I can not speak highly enough of this cream, every thing in it is anti inflammatory.

Thanks Peter for the Review,n Everybody loves the Magnif , It is a Kick ass Cream :)